About Me

My name is Rhys Hanrahan, I'm 15 currently at Tawa College year 10. I spend most of my time playing computer games, like first person shooter and strategy games. I also like playing sports like badminton, dodge ball but mostly running sports like soccer, rugby.

Programming skills

I'm learning to code/program things on the computer using lots of coding languages like Python, Notepad++, and Scratch. I started learning code with Scratch and after making some things on Scratch, when I would be playing my computer games I could see some aspects of it that I could make and I could understand how they worked.

My Work

I have created games, website, robots, money converters ect... using code. One of the first things I made was a remix of a game called Angry Birds I was pretty happy with what I made with my knowledge although there is only one level.